Texas voter ID law blocked by Justice Department

The Justice Department on Monday blocked a new law that requires voters to produce photo identification before they cast their votes. The Obama administration cited the Hispanic communities as a reason; the Hispanic community generally do not possess any Government issued photo-id such as driver’s licence, military ID or passport. The actual law was passed in May, 2011 making it mandatory for voters to carry a state issued photo-id.

This decision follows suit on a similar move made in South Carolina in December. These laws have been part of the Republican ideology to bring in reforms to cut down on voter fraud.

The current case in point is Texas, which has a huge Hispanic population. They make up 2.8 million of the total registered voters of 12.8 million, which is at least 11 percent of the total voters.

“Hispanic registered voters are more than twice as likely as non-Hispanic registered voters to lack such identification,” Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, head of the department’s civil rights division wrote to the Texas director of elections outlining his displeasure over the move.

Discussion on rising gasoline prices: Obama’s energy working group prepares to face tough questions

With pressure building on Obama administration from all sides especially from the abortion rulings, steady unemployment rate and rising gasoline prices, the run-up until November for Obama will not be easy. The administration has seen vacillating approval rates with favorability for Romney rising as the GOP candidature is inching towards closure. The rising gasoline prices is something that affects almost all American’s directly or indirectly because unlike the other two pressure points mentioned above, rise in gasoline prices isn’t divisible by opinion and preference or by age. Whether it is direct impacts of expensive fuel for owners of vehicles or increased prices of goods with rising transport fuel heads, the situation seems grimmer for everyone without exception.

The Obama administration which was voted into power in the last presidential elections has vowed to undo all the wrongs that were done by the previous administration and case for regularization of fuel prices and freezing of rising fuel costs could be figured as something that Obama administration would bring about. However, with discussions still underway as the next presidential race is just around the corner, many see this as too little too late.

Senate Candidates for Massachusetts Sign a Historic Agreement on Third Party Advertising

Prime candidates for this year’s Massachusetts senate election, Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat and Scott Brown, the Republican have decided to ban third party advertisements during their campaign. By doing so, they have created history with a first-of-its-kind agreement. The agreement states that if a third party advertisement is aired in favour of either of them, half the cost of advertisement will be donated to a charity. Last week, Warren sent a proposal to Brown which he agreed to sign. The agreement follows the proxy wars that have been on the air for some time now. Both parties involved have reached a compromise after their representatives shared dialogue.


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