Romney slams Obama!

U.S presidential primary, Mitt Romney has slammed Obama at the Hispanic Conference in Orlando. However, speaking to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Romney took a softer take on the immigration law than he did during the GOP primary.

He had previously taken a hard stand on the topic but on Thursday in front of the influential group of Hispanics, the Republican hopeful took the middle path. He called for highly skilled college graduates and military personnel and protection to families who are stuck due to the current immigration law. He also called for a tighter border security with the use of a high-tech fence. He is trying his best to attract the crucial and growing Hispanic voting force and has slammed Obama’s failed effort to tackle the comprehensive immigration reform. In the speech he has not responded to Obama’s announcement last week that he will block the deportation of young illegal immigrants and grant them work permits nor has he addressed the most troublesome immigration problem of more than 11 million undocumented residents already living in the U.S. Earlier he had said that he would veto the Dream Act which would provide citizenship to some of the illegal immigrants who arrived in the country as minors. According to him the undocumented immigrants should ‘self-deport’. Romney focused all his effort on the economy and was trying to dodge the immigration issue as he does not want to alienate the conservatives. However, his balancing act at the conference is an effort to broaden his appeal. On Thursday, keeping in mind the difficulty of the immigration issue he was under pressure to say something on the issue and he offered a lengthy policy outline being sure to leave out the specifics. However, it’s highly unlikely that he changed many minds at the conference where he was greeted with a tepid applause. State Rep. Darren Soto, D-Orlando said, “You’ve got to look at the last year. Would he be saying these same things in Iowa to a bunch of white faces? No, he wouldn’t, you can’t go from a year’s worth of anti-immigration bashing to an about face here and expect everybody to believe you”.

The race to the White House just got hotter

The pace of the race to the White House seemed to pick up in the last few days. Romney and Obama’s campaigners are no longer playing nice. It’s all secret trips and pointing fingers now. On Thursday, Obama’s chief strategist decided to take on Romney’s home turf. In Boston, he blasted Romney’s record as the governor of Massachusetts.

Romney is not one to take that quietly. In just a few hours time, he took a secret little trip to California to bring a little glitch of the Obama’s administration in to light. He went to Solyndra, the solar panel company that went bankrupt under Obama’s administration.

Axelrod’s speech in Boston did not go as well as he might have hoped. Romney’s supporters chanted along and interrupted the appearance. Romney, learning from the experience kept his little trip a secret from his own campaign reporters too.

While Axelrod discussed how Romney’s four years as governor hurt the middle class more than anybody, Romney went all out and said Obama has failed to understand how the free-market economy works. Romney dint spare Obama’s leadership either when he said his competitor has poor economic leadership. Romney claims that the experience he has had running a real life business makes him more qualified to run the country’s economy.

Obama and Bill Clinton campaign together

Former President Bill Clinton made his first appearance in the 2012 campaign election sharing the stage with current President Barack Obama. The President who held office for two terms himself campaigned for fellow Democrat Obama, who is running for re-election. Bill Clinton helped raise 2 million dollars in a night for the campaign.

The white haired Clinton was his usual self and sported a smile while addressing a gathering of over 500 Obama supporters outside the Virginia home of his friend and Democratic adviser Terry McAuliffe.

Clinton commended Obama for his efforts; he was more than gracious to the man who beat his wife to the Democratic President nomination in the 2008 election. Clinton’s support could be extremely crucial for Obama considering the fact that his economic policies have been branded populist rather than being shrewd policy making. The ever growing fiscal deficit has also done no favors to the current president.

The U.S. and Russian Presidents caught making candid statements about the anti-ballistic missile shield

President Obama was caught off-guard candidly talking with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev by live microphones while they were waiting for members of the Press to be led into the room on the eve of a global nuclear security summit in Soul, the South Korean Capital. President Obama was overheard assuring the Russian President that he would have “more flexibility” with regards to controversial issues like missile defense after the U.S. Presidential elections in November.

The missile issue under discussion is an anti ballistic missile shield program proposed by the U.S. and NATO including participation by Romania, Poland, Turkey and Spain. Russia has been offered a role as well but is hesitant to join this project as they feel that the system could gain the ability to shoot down the nuclear missiles that Russia uses as a deterrent and this would weaken its defense. They would like a legally binding pledge from the U.S. that their missiles would not be targeted by this system and also want joint control of its usage.

As expected the Republicans on their campaign trail have immediately caught the bit between their teeth claiming that President Obama has been treating Russia with kid gloves; with Mitt Romney calling the comment “alarming and troubling”, and stating that he felt this was a bad time for the President to be “ pulling his punches” with the American public.

Strategic Oil Reserves (SPR) could change the way Presidential elections are expected to proceed

Obama’s approval rating has hit an all-time low and according to sources the expectation is that Republicans will replace the Democrats in the White House post November as Romney continues gain pace and votes in a neck to neck battle with Santorum in one state after another in the primaries that will eventually decide the next presidential hopeful. The situation is turning more against Obama with regards to his re-election because of the rising oil prices which although unaffected by inflation are causing a lot of inconvenience to the poorest of Americans. Obama’s inability in handling the situation is ironic when contrasted with the approval and confidence he had received from the public when he replaced Bush. While Obama has yet followed in his predecessors footsteps, the need of the hour before November this year is to abate the rising prices if Democrats hope to have any chance at getting reelected.

In hope of this, some Democrat lawmakers are gathering the support of Congressmen to persuade Obama to allow the SPR to be used which would abate the much worrisome oil prices. With the recent announcement and subsequent roll back of a strategic agreement regarding oil reserves caused a successive fall and rise in oil prices exhibiting the volatility and sensitivity of the prices with change in political strategic choices. Realizing this market sensitivity which also has the ability to tap into the public opinion, Democrats are doing all they can to turn the tables in their favor.

Obama’s budget plan will get more debt to Americans over the next two years if adopted

Although it seems obvious that Obama is preparing to take on the presidential elections come November with a lot of enthusiasm, his actions and plans for America’s budget seem to suggest the opposite as far as Congressional Budget Office’s estimate is concerned. The CBO’s research and analysis of Obama’s plan left them puzzled as its adoption according to them would invite slightly higher deficits over the course of next two years which would further burden the economy and hence the chances of a full recovery.

Although the long-term view is favorable as it is expected to bring recovery much more tangible close, the uncertainty of the future global and domestic markets can affect the way the long-term positivity is envisioned in the plan. Moreover, the immediate cause of worry for American’s is basic lack of jobs, rise in fuel prices and the like and the budget doesn’t deliver on these short-term requirement providing enough fodder for a heavy-handed Republican criticism come November. The House Budget Committee came out with a harsher criticism of Obama’s budget plan which he thought was short-sighted and would drive the American nation towards further debt crisis.

President Obama’s first Press Conference of the year

While the Republicans were busy with Super Tuesday, President Obama held his first press conference of the year. President Obama defended his views on Iran and the standoff with them on their nuclear policy and also talked about mortgage relief for homeowners who served in the military and those with federally insured mortgages.

Addressing the US policy towards Iran President Obama said that the sanctions were having a positive effect and asked the international community as well as lawmakers to allow them some time to work. He felt that it would not be wise to go into war without exhausting diplomatic avenues and negotiations first. Many US lawmakers and all the candidates on the campaign trail for the Republican Presidential nomination have criticized President Obama’s handling of Iran, and Syria, calling it too soft and asking for a military offensive against Iran. President Obama refuted these allegations and said that going to war has serious consequences and is an expensive proposition both in terms of its impact on American soldiers and the American exchequer. He reiterated that the issues in the Middle East are complex and do not have an easy solution, decrying talk of war or of unilateral military action against Syria or Iran, Mr. Obama stressed the that he felt taking such action casually would be a mistake.

Expensive college tuition

The knowledge base that a university grants students is a gateway to a fruitful life.  I used to feel that college was not necessary in order to be successful, and that higher learning institutions were just eating up the money of the parents that send their children there.

While I still feel that this is partly true, I have recently discovered that my knowledge base and understanding of the world was granted to me by the university I attended even though I hate to admit it.  Recently, the foolish Rick Santorum made a jab at the president who said that every child in America should aim at going to a university one day in order to build a chance for a successful livelihood in their future.  Rick called Obama a snob (implying that college was only for the rich) and said that Obama was trying to build a government that is all pervading and knows best.

Obama in New Hampshire to Talk Energy

As the Republicans try to deny Obama another term as president using the rising oil prices, Obama goes to his Republican rivals own backyard of New Hampshire. Obama is trying to deal with the criticism he has been receiving over the past few weeks for the rising prices. The president agrees that he is aware of the steep increase but also said that there is very little he could do that would provide immediate relief.

With the gasoline prices rising from $3.39 every gallon a year ago to $3.74 this year and the brewing political tension in the Middle East translates to more leverage for the Republicans. The President is looking to repeal the unwarranted $4 billion in annual subsidies that are handed out to oil and gas companies. This will urge the congress to take a vote quite immediately.

Election campaigning gains speed with either one of Romney and Santorum against Obama

As the Republican heavyweights fight it out in one state after another, the race to finish draws closer. Both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, largely contrasted by their moderate and conservative outlooks, finished with Arizona and Michigan last week. Both states choose Romney while staying clear of Rick Santorum’s views that have been largely regarded as conservative and most preferred by evangelical Christians and tea party conservatives. He did manage to win half of Michigan’s 30 delegates but failed to reach the finish line that was clinched by Mitt Romney who has created a large decisive gap between Santorum and himself that has helped him in a push toward the ultimate end game of facing Obama at the national debates when and if he wins.


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