Sneak-peek at the Olympic cuisine!

The focus of the entire world this summer is on London with the Olympics set to take place in the British capital and it’s finally time for the city’s food to grab all the attention. The city will pleasantly surprise the visitors to the 2012 London Olympics as pubs all over the city are set to serve up sumptuous dishes. The London Organizing Committee of Food and Games has released the menu of food and beverages to be sold at the Olympic venues and since visitors will be pouring in from all over the world the LOCOG is hoping to please everyone’s  palette by serving both British and international cuisine. And it’s not only the LOCOG that’s geared up for the games but the local pubs across the city are getting in the Olympic spirit and ready to serve up lip-smacking fare.

The Blackbird pub is preparing for the masses as an estimated 50,000 fans are expected daily for the Olympic indoor volley ball competition at nearby Earl Court. The Blackbird pub which is a part of the Fuller independent brewery and pub family is known among the local for its food. With the focus being on English food, items such as meat pies and fish and chips are expected to be most popular and the country’s famous English ale is also expected to be a hot favorite amongst visitors specially the Fuller label’s ‘London Pride’. Most pubs will follow Blackbird’s lead but other gastro pubs such as Betjemen Arms are looking to elevate the typical pub experience. It’s located across from Eurostar platform at the St. Pancras International train station in Central London and although it won’t be getting much foot traffic, it will be loaded with domestic and international travelers in need of catching a bite while watching the latest Olympic events. For this purpose the pub interiors have been rearranged and the menu has also been changed a little to focus on using the best local ingredients available and to provide the ultimate Olympic viewing experience.

The pub is giving the Olympics an air of sophistication with reasonably priced canapé boards and three course price fixed menu. Also with the direct train from London to the Olympic park in Stratford just outside the pub’s door, the pub has an advantageous location.

Let the Games Begin!!

The countdown to the London Olympic Games has begun with the builders having handed over the Olympic Village to the London 2012 Organizers. It is now time to begin the huge process of installing essential facilities and services to get the village ready to host Olympic competitors.

Just as thousands of sports persons around the world are getting ready to attend these Olympic Games as a culmination of years of hard work and many ups and downs, the Olympic Village is the result of years of hard work and collaborative effort in the face of a harsh economic climate. Originally the developer Lend Lease was to raise the funding privately to build the village but as a result of the economic perils of 2008, the Government decided to step in and foot the bill which is reported to be about $1.6 Billion. It is expected that they will not be able to recoup their investment, but hoped that the boost to the economy will be worth this outflow from the governments’ exchequer.


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