Redefining Online Education

One of the hottest topics in education is the rise of online learning and the controversy surrounding the massively open online courses known as MOOCs. It all started when instructors from several elite universities posted videos of their lectures for free online. They quickly discovered that this allowed them to reach a much wider audience. These free online classes differed from traditional courses in that they had the ability to support enormous class sizes but offered no course credits for students. Startups like Coursera, which was launched by two Stanford University computer science professors, soon began to offer hundreds of free MOOCs.

The Problem with MOOCs

One year later, millions of students worldwide had signed up for MOOCs. Despite high enrollment, Coursera and similar companies like edX and Udacity have found that offering free university courses is not a sustainable business model. Because so many students sign up for each class, there is little accountability for students and many students end up dropping out or failing the class altogether. Another problem with MOOCs is that many students want to earn academic credit for online courses that can be applied to a degree. After all, you can’t very well complete an MBA or other career-enhancing degree by taking MOOCs.

A viable solution for both students and MOOC providers is to allow students to view lectures online as a homework assignment and then come into class to engage with their instructors, have their coursework assessed and receive credit for their work. This solution is frequently referred to as the “flipped classroom” since students view lectures outside of class and then meet with their instructor in a classroom setting to discuss assignments instead of the other way around. In exchange for their instructor’s time and attention, students pay tuition in this scenario.

Your Main Reasons To Choose Online Education Today

Have you ever thought of distance education? Many people have a quite skeptical attitude towards it, though it’s actually unclear why. Our modern world of the Internet and technologies gives perfect chances to get a diploma online, and it will not be considered as anything weak or wrong. Moreover, people need to improve and develop their professional skills all the time if they want to remain good professionals of their fields. Online education can be their perfect chance to learn something new and get all necessary skills for building a perfect career.

As you know, it’s not easy to find enough time for study if you have many other obligations in your life. Family, work, kids – all these and other factors can influence your choice much and make you think of distance education as a perfect variant to get new knowledge and a diploma. Online education has many advantages in comparison with classroom learning, and here we’ll try to tell you about all of them.


Our life is so fast today, that you can hardly find time to have a snack sometimes. We are always in a hurry, we are busy, we don’t have enough time to spend with our close people actually. Well, there is nothing to say about study. Certainly, you can always attend night colleges, but you still need some time to sleep, don’t you? Online education is a perfect alternative to classroom learning, because it’s you who chooses time to study.


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