Halle Berry admitted to hospital for a minor head injury

Halle Berry the Oscar-winning American actress suffered a minor head injury while shooting for a movie fight sequence. She was immediately treated at the Los Angeles hospital and released a short time later as per her publicist Meredith O’Sullivan. The 45-years old actresses suffered an injury on the set of the upcoming movie “The Hive”. “The Hive” is a thriller movie that is being directed by the Brad Anderson co- starring Abigail Breslin and David Otunga.

An ambulance took Halle Berry from the sets in central Los Angeles to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Halle Berry won an Academy for Best Actress and was nominated for the BAFTA Award in 2001 for her performance in the Monster’s Ball. She is one of the highly paid actresses in Hollywood and is also involved in the production side of several of the films in which she performed.

Halle Berry is also a model to Revlon. Prior to this accident, Halle Berry sustained slight injury during the shooting of 2004 film “Cat woman” when she hit her head on the lights on the sets but was not seriously injured. Before becoming an actress, Berry had participated in several beauty contests and she finished as first runner up in the Miss USA Pageant during the year- 1986. She also participated in the Miss World Pageant in 1986 and got sixth place.


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