Foul Flicks Frightening Flowers

As a parent, one should be determined more than ever to raise their children in a manner that compels the sun to radiate and illuminate, granting a climactic blossom where their once baby boy or girl transform into full-grown beautiful roses that serve the lord and give asustenance for sinful pests who have lost their buzz when they foolishly defied true logic and stung the wrong cat.  In America, it is tragic that parents buckle under the pressures of their mundane lives and unknowingly allow their angels to be caught up by Hollywood’s deplorable movies that imprint the mind with lunatic dogma.  Let’s get one thing straight, films like the Lion King, Sandlot, Finding Nemoetc.are beautiful flicks that inspire the youth and promote the longevity of loyalty, romance, and bravery to face life’s many challenges.  What this article aims to snitch on is the undeniable conspiracy that there exists too much cinematic filth that parents should sternly protect their easily-influenced children from viewing.  If a parent refuses to protect their bloodline’s mental sanctity and allows some mature film to infect their seed’s imagination with thematic travesty, then they have miserably failed as protectors and contributors to the next generation; what will unfold for these rotten parents is watching their tampered children turning into trolls that suck from Hollywood a venom that doesn’t even exist in the most dangerous snake in all the world.


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