New baby updates for new parents

Are you a new parent then the below mentioned updates about your baby’s psychological needs will help you in parenting your baby without any hassles. These updates are listed as points so that you can remember well while caring for your baby.

  • Some myths about babies doing rounds are that never wake a sleeping newborn amidst bright lights and noises. The proper way is to wake the sleeping new born in a sitting down position for dinner.
  • People often compare the looks of yours to your baby such as the eyes or mouth of the baby looks similar to anyone of the parent. However, this is not true.
  • Babies are treasured for their habits of sleeping for a long time and eating a lot but these same traits are looked upon as a disease or bad habits in case of adults.
  • Most of the people or your neighbors on your discharge from the hospital with the baby will ask you if your baby sleeps well at night. For this query, you can say that you do not know and you can tell them you spent most of your nights at nightclubs.

Bed-sharing reduces obesity risk in kids

Bed-sharing reduces obesity risk in kidsThere’s good news for all the parents who opted not to get a separate bed/cot for their little ones as according to a new study which suggests that children who sleep in their parents’ bed have a reduced risk of obesity.  The study from Denmark has found that parents who let their young children climb into bed with them during the night may decrease their child’s risk of obesity.

According to the study, children who never slept in their parents’ bed were three times more vulnerable to be overweight when compared with the children who were sleeping with their parents every night. The researchers said that the findings are contrary to the expectations that obesity is associated with poor quality of sleep i.e., young children who get too little sleep are at a higher risk of becoming obese later in life, whereas the kids who sleep with their parents are waking up in the middle of the night, every night. Also the children who sleep with their parents get a greater sense of security and emotional support which may protect them against obesity. While the children who are not allowed into their parents’ bed at night may feel rejected and lonely and such negative feelings may increase their risk of getting obese.


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