Barack Obama wins presidential election for a second term

President Barack Obama won for a second term in the White House by defeating his opponent – Republican Mitt Romney. Obama in his victory speech said that in his second presidential term he would reach out to Republicans. He further called on for a compromise and pledging to work with leaders of both the parties to reduce the deficit, to reform the tax code and immigration laws and to cut dependence on foreign oil.

President Barack Obama delivered the victory speech at McCormick Place convention center in Chicago that stuck on to the themes about his rise to top of the American politics and that there is more that unites Americans than that divides them. This election battle was quite long, bitter and expensive with the nationwide popular vote that remained extremely close with Obama taking about 50 percent to 49 percent for Romney. The election campaign resulted in both candidates and their party allies combined spending an estimated amount of $2billion. President Obama scored impressive victories across the country so much so that the big build up over Ohio, Florida and Virginia just tapered out.

Obama reached the 270 electoral votes needed for presidential victory even without those three states. The winning was further strengthened with rolling up wins in Democratic strongholds that included Nevada, Iowa and Colorado. In the end, Obama won Ohio, Virginia and was far ahead in Florida.

Mitt Romney – the 65-year-old former Massachusetts governed conceded to his defeat in a gracious speech that was delivered to his disappointed supporters at the Boston convention center saying that this is a time of great challenge for the nation and would pray that the president will be successful in guiding the nation. He further warned against partisan bickering and requested politicians on both sides to put the people before the politics.

American voters go to polls to give their final verdict

The curtains are almost down after a long and bitter White House campaign with Americans began casting their votes on Tuesday with polls showing President Barack Obama and Republican challenger – Mitt Romney in a neck and neck election that will be decided in a handful of states. The voting is currently underway in twenty-six states in the United States to elect their 45th president of the country. Polling has already opened in most eastern states and is slated to commence in mid-western states. The states currently undergoing voting include Ohio and North Carolina. Voting will begin in Florida within a few hours.

Vice president Joe Biden voted along with his wife just a short while ago in Delaware. This election is a close race between the U.S. President and Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama and the Republican Party nominee Mitt Romney for 538 Electoral College votes. To be a winner, the candidate needs 270 electoral votes. The results depend upon the Electoral College in which each state is given a number of electoral votes in a rough proportion to its population. The outcome of the election will rest on a thin margin based on few key results.

Obama versus Romney – A personal warfare

President Barack Obama has hit the road with a campaign speech in Ohio on Friday and on  the same day, the government job report showed little growth and unchanged unemployment rate.  The main emphasis of the Obama’s campaign strategy is to talk about the economy only when necessary and spend as much time as possible in unraveling the Romney’s secretive and corporate background. Both Obama and Romney talk of economy but both of them fall on to the respective personal prejudices.

The latest Washington Post – ABC News Poll shows that the voters’ preference was deadlocked at 47%. Obama is considered to be more likeable than Romney that consists of 63-27 per cent. Obama has ten point lead when people were asked who better understands the economic problems the people are having. The utmost challenge for the president remains to turn attention away from the negative publicity that he is receiving on his performance and the way for this is to dig the history of Romney which President Obama actually admitted in his election campaign.

While President Obama is scrutinizing the Romney’s past, Romney on the other hand has aimed his criticism not at Obama’s personal background but rather on the economy over the past three years. The Republican National Committee has retaliated Obama’s attack on Romney with a graphic representation that showed a drop in the number of jobs added each month since January along with the quotes from the news reports checking the accuracy of Obama’s claims.

Romney slams Obama!

U.S presidential primary, Mitt Romney has slammed Obama at the Hispanic Conference in Orlando. However, speaking to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Romney took a softer take on the immigration law than he did during the GOP primary.

He had previously taken a hard stand on the topic but on Thursday in front of the influential group of Hispanics, the Republican hopeful took the middle path. He called for highly skilled college graduates and military personnel and protection to families who are stuck due to the current immigration law. He also called for a tighter border security with the use of a high-tech fence. He is trying his best to attract the crucial and growing Hispanic voting force and has slammed Obama’s failed effort to tackle the comprehensive immigration reform. In the speech he has not responded to Obama’s announcement last week that he will block the deportation of young illegal immigrants and grant them work permits nor has he addressed the most troublesome immigration problem of more than 11 million undocumented residents already living in the U.S. Earlier he had said that he would veto the Dream Act which would provide citizenship to some of the illegal immigrants who arrived in the country as minors. According to him the undocumented immigrants should ‘self-deport’. Romney focused all his effort on the economy and was trying to dodge the immigration issue as he does not want to alienate the conservatives. However, his balancing act at the conference is an effort to broaden his appeal. On Thursday, keeping in mind the difficulty of the immigration issue he was under pressure to say something on the issue and he offered a lengthy policy outline being sure to leave out the specifics. However, it’s highly unlikely that he changed many minds at the conference where he was greeted with a tepid applause. State Rep. Darren Soto, D-Orlando said, “You’ve got to look at the last year. Would he be saying these same things in Iowa to a bunch of white faces? No, he wouldn’t, you can’t go from a year’s worth of anti-immigration bashing to an about face here and expect everybody to believe you”.

Romney Winning the Facebook Battle

The U.S Presidential poll is fast approaching and the race to the White House is heating up. If you thought Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were taking on each other in the real world, they seem to have taken the battle virtual as well. The online battle between the two is certainly keeping everyone interested. Recent numbers published have shown that Romney’s popularity on Facebook is surging, while his competitor’s popularity, well, is not dipping but definitely slowing down.

Figures published by Facebook indicate that the Republican nominee, Romney added over 71,000 fans in the week between June 11 and 17 – that officially make it the best week for him in a while. President Obama wasn’t far behind either, in fact, with 77,000 new fans he added more fans than Romney, but his numbers point to a decline in the last few weeks. The Democrat has only seen an increase of 1.7% over the last month, whereas his rival Romney saw an increase of 10.8% – quite a gulf isn’t it? On the other hand, Romney still has a long way to go till he reaches 27 million fans that Obama has – but it would be unfair to make the comparison because fans of Obama have been accumulated for the last 5 years since his election.

In what makes for strange reading, the numbers for Twitter were completely different and told us a different story. Between Monday and Tuesday, President Obama added more than 36,000 followers, while Romney added a paltry 2000.

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America’s Dire Financial Crisis

It is quite obvious that Mitt Romney is going to win the GOP nomination and battle Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States of America.  Some people say that they are basically the same candidates that are bound by the same bureaucratic dogma, just in different ways of platform, expression and rhetoric.  However, there are striking differences between the two that are worth mentioning.  For instance, Mitt Romney has ample experience in the corporate sector while Obama’s predominant experience is dealing with our ailing economy, which isn’t pretty.  But is it his fault or George W. Bush’s blame that we are in such a dire financial crisis?   In a poll it said that 54 percent of people said that it was Bush’s fault, while 29 percent blamed Obama.  Regardless of who is to blame, something has to be done because hardworking people are close to losing their mortgages and on thin ice.

Santorum Needs a Miracle to Catch Romney

As results of the Illinois primary trickled in, many believed it was the end of the road for Rick Santorum and the Republican Primary nomination contest.     In another jolt to an already sagging campaign came the endorsement of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to Romney. So it looks like Santorum needs to turnaround his campaign with some quick fire wins, which looks highly unlikely, but never says never in Politics.

Romney’s win in Illinois almost doubled the lead in delegates over Santorum. The battleground shifts to Louisiana on Saturday and then to Wisconsin in April, Santorum needs to win big in both these states to stay alive in the contest. If he fails to do so, he will have buckle under the pressure and harbor his support to get behind Romney in the run up to the November 6 Presidential election.

Another wild theory doing the rounds is Santorum hoping to win enough to make sure that Romney does not win the nomination by the end of June, when state contests end. He believes he can then go to the August convention in Tampa, Florida, where a lot of conservatives are expected to turn up and tip Romney to the post.

Hard working Americans and the media push Romney towards his goal

While many would agree that reporting the American elections is much like reporting a sports contest where each side has supporters who continue rooting for their side’s hero until their win or loss is inevitably evident and then all goes quiet until the next game of showmanship and competition is up people’s TV sets. This is to say that media and supporters form a combination that when used correctly to influence the latter and when the latter is essentially in agreement with one’s policies and outlook for the future, then a win is not far away.

This is exactly what happened with Romney, some would say. Working class women who choose Romney over conservative and stricter Santorum helped him recover his narrow win in Michigan yet again with a whisker. Although Romney’s initial wins has propelled him to wield a considerable gap between him and Santorum, Michigan and Ohio showed that it would be easy to carry on without realizing that there was opposition to his views and opinions especially that support gay marriage and other issues specifically un-conservative in nature.

President Obama’s first Press Conference of the year

While the Republicans were busy with Super Tuesday, President Obama held his first press conference of the year. President Obama defended his views on Iran and the standoff with them on their nuclear policy and also talked about mortgage relief for homeowners who served in the military and those with federally insured mortgages.

Addressing the US policy towards Iran President Obama said that the sanctions were having a positive effect and asked the international community as well as lawmakers to allow them some time to work. He felt that it would not be wise to go into war without exhausting diplomatic avenues and negotiations first. Many US lawmakers and all the candidates on the campaign trail for the Republican Presidential nomination have criticized President Obama’s handling of Iran, and Syria, calling it too soft and asking for a military offensive against Iran. President Obama refuted these allegations and said that going to war has serious consequences and is an expensive proposition both in terms of its impact on American soldiers and the American exchequer. He reiterated that the issues in the Middle East are complex and do not have an easy solution, decrying talk of war or of unilateral military action against Syria or Iran, Mr. Obama stressed the that he felt taking such action casually would be a mistake.


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