Do not hurt your pregnancy chances by drinking too much of Coffee

Recent Danish research carried on by the team of Dr. Ulrik Schioler Kesmodel from the Fertility Clinic of Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark revealed a startling fact that women who drank five or more cups of coffee a day reduce their chances of success from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. Results showed that the consumption of five or more cups of coffee a day reduced the clinical pregnancy rate by fifty percent and live birth rate by forty percent.

However, drinking between two to five cups of coffee a day did not affect the women’s chances of pregnancy with IVF. The study also found that drinking large amounts of coffee tantamount to smoking in harming the IVF rate of success. The link between fertility and caffeine has been studied in the past with conflicting results. Some studies held the view that increased incidence of coffee drinking results in spontaneous abortion while the other studies found insufficient evidence to confirm or deny the effect of “caffeine avoidance” on the outcome of pregnancy.

There is however one cited study that was carried on in the year-2004 that showed that time- to- pregnancy was remarkably got extended in women when tea or coffee intake was more than six cups per day or when the male partner consumed more than two hundred alcohol units per week. Coming to this latest Danish research that was carried on in a large public IVF Clinic, the results were based on a prospective follow up of 3959 women having IVF or ICSI as a fertility treatment method.


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