Unfolding of an historic event -Queen Shake hands with ex-IRA chief

Queen Elizabeth –II and former Irish Republican Army commander Martin McGuiness who is now the Deputy First Minister of the British controlled – Northern Ireland shook hands when they met behind the closed doors in a room at the Belfast’s Lyric Theater that coincided with the event celebrating the art in the Republic and the Northern Ireland.

This rare peaceful gesture symbolized Northern Ireland’s progress in achieving reconciliation after 14 years, when the Irish Republican Army (IRA) ended its war against the Britain’s claim to the province and resulting in one of the last big milestone in peace process. This event brought into fore reminisces of the assassination of Lord Mountbatten – the Queen’s cousin-some thirty three years back by the IRA.

Some scattered opposition to this meeting was heard from the dissident Irish militants and from some of the IRA’s victims but, all in all the vast majority of the provinces’ politicians backed this meeting. Taking into account the rudimentary sensibilities of this event, no live footage or sound was permitted to be broadcast. Barricades were erected on all the roads surrounding the theater and police warned the residents to stay inside their homes.


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