Mitt Romney tries to win southern hearts

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s accent went as south as it can in a campaign rally to garner support from the southern region.

Mississippi and Alabama will vote on Tuesday to decide which candidate will challenge Obama in the presidential elections on Nov 6th. Looking back, Romney does not have the best record in the two states. They have been unkind to him in the past.

Romney hasn’t been doing so well with the Republicans so far. In January, Newt Gingrich beat him in South Carolina. It dint go so well in Tennessee either with his chief rival competing against him. In Georgia he came second to Gingrich. The only two states he has managed to win till now are Virginia and Florida. And those wins are credited to just one opponent in Virginia and outspending his rivals in ads in Florida.

Romney himself admitted that this time it might be bit of an away game in the south. The trouble he has been having being accepted in the south is credited to him not being conservative enough. People say he is more moderate than conservative. His Mormon faith does not help either. “I think religion should have no part in today’s politics, but it does” said Cheryl Patton, who attended his rally.


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