5 Hobbies Which Look Great On Your CV

The purpose of a curriculum vita is to present relevant training and skills without being wordy. However, a prospective employer also wants some idea of who you are and what factors influence your personality. This helps him or her to determine whether you are suitable for a position and will fit in with the organization. Some hobbies create a favorable impact in demonstrating a person’s desirable personal qualities.

Sports Activities

Many companies have softball teams and other sports activities that can utilize your athletic skills for team building and forming close work relationships. Golf, tennis, softball, basketball, cycling and running can all have value for a company’s in-house and community programs. Don’t be afraid to list your athletic skills and accomplishments.

Learning New Languages

A potential employee that uses their free time to learn a new language shows a number of qualities that are highly desirable. First, learning a language indicates the person has a high level of personal discipline. Language is an accretion of knowledge that requires diligence over a period of time. These are characteristics that are often needed on the job. Learning language also shows an openness to new ideas and skills, which is often needed in job positions. Learning language creates new synapses in the brain, which helps to improve memory and concentration. A language learner is usually the kind of employee that can be depended on to stick to a task to its completion.


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