Return of the Jack

You don’t know Jack is back. The classic trivia game is back and is live on Facebook. It was launched last Tuesday as an online game. Jellyvision has created a new version of the game and its all social this time. It will be a freemium style game and will pit social networking user scores against each other.

Friends can play against each other or they can play to beat their friend’s score in a previous game. During each game, you can see what you have scored and where you are placed. The meaningless trivia game is one of the few ‘social’ games of the social networking era.

Every player can play one free game every day. If you play well, you might get another game for free. After that, you can play more games by paying something about 30 to 40 cents per game.

The irrelevant trivia game will have you hooked to it in no time. Each game will have five questions. They could be questions asking you to match a word with another, gibberish rhyming or even multiple choice trivia questions that needs twisted understanding.


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