New cues on creatingreal relationships with social marketing revealed by Ted Rubin

The leading social marketing strategist and the chief social marketing officer at Collective Bias – Mr. Ted Rubin has coined the term ROR that, means – “Return on Relationship” during the year – 2009. This concept rests on the principle that helps for building a multimillion database. The book written by Ted Rubin – Return on Relationship- is to be released in the market in the month of August. The ROR not only involves the value in dollars or cents as in the case of Return on Investment or ROI but also extends beyond in the form of value that is both real and avowed and that accrues over time through connection, recommendation, loyalty and sharing.

Any marketer would be interested to know about how to go through it. The following below mentionedcues/principles will help in creating a real relationship with social marketing-


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