Rick Santorum rises as a worthy opponent of the republican hopeful to stand against Obama on November 6

As months pass by and the Republican candidates face each other through opinion and actual polls, the run-up to finding one candidate who would stand up against Obama on November 6th Presidential elections this year is getting more and more frenzied especially as people look of better candidates who would not shy away from his promises and who would not shame the country. While voter groups are picking and choosing their favorites, the state-by-state battle is being outlines with opinion polls that occur as an indicative test of candidates’ chances of winning.

In a recent and suitably surprising revelation, Rick Santorum was up against Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney in latest opinion polls with a seemingly close tie threatening to throw Romney’s previous wins tally off balance and creating a new equations between the rival candidates as the run-up developments proceed and which will eventually end in one persons win. U.S. Senator Rick Santorum has been considered to be coming in as a close second favorite of the American citizens, especially favored by the tea party supporters and Christian evangelicals who specifically supported Sanctorum over Romney. Santorum’s position is especially being strengthened by the tussle between Republicans and Democrats over gay rights and abortion debates. While Sanctorum develops and strengthens his claim for the Republican candidature, Romney’s position seems to be coalescing around Santorum.


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