Race for Prime Time

September will see the launch of 4 new daytime talk shows on the same day compelling producers to find new and innovative ways of engaging the audiences. It’s been more than a year since Oprah Winfrey’s show is off the air giving new and fresh faces a chance to become best friend to millions of female viewers. Ricki Lake, Katie Couric, Jeff Probst (survivor host) and comedian Steve Harvey will kick off their shows on September 10 spanning a female dominated market for chat, lifestyle, health and cooking.

Ricki, 43 and mother of two is a household name in America who previously hosted a talk show in 1993 at age 23 which lasted 11 seasons. Also a movie actress Ricki was a finalist in ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in Fall 2011 but producers aren’t taking for granted the fact that her celebrity status will lure audiences in the fragmented media market where loyalty is earned everyday. In March the live interactive production meetings for the show were launched where members of the audience interacted directed with Lake and the production staff. The next meeting is scheduled for May 31st and will be shown on Facebook through the page facebook.com/TheRickiLakeShow as the show’s page jumped from 10,000 likes to 73,000 likes after the first meeting. Also this week the digital magazine for the show will be launched which will have parenting, fashion and fitness advice in addition to an article where Lake tells the readers about her decision to elope with husband Christian Evans in April. The cover photo was chosen by the public and the magazine can be downloaded for free through iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.com. Brown said, “We are launching this show in a completely different way, we want the show to be a conversation, not a presentation. We believe women love talking and sharing ideas and experiences and stories.”


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