Death of Robin Gibb- One of the pillars of Disco Era and the Co-founder of Bee Gees

Robin Gibb who helped in transforming and defining the disco era has died after a long battle with liver and colon cancer on Sunday evening. He was sixty-two and had in fact shown slight improvement in his health in recent months. Robin Gee with his twin brother Maurice Gibb and Barry Gibb created waves with their funky beats and falsetto harmonies of their smash hit album “Staying Alive” and “Jive Talkin”.

Robin Gibb has spent about six decades of his career in pursuing solo projects. But success and fortune came when along with his brothers Maurice and Barry, when Robin Gee formed the Bee Gees band. The Bee Gee is an abbreviated form of Brothers Gibb consisting of Barry Gibb the eldest one and twins Maurice and Robin Gibb. The success of Robin Gibb reached its peak when the Bee Gee group composed “Saturday Night Fever” album that had also included the songs performed by other performers.

Bee Gee as a group was officially formed in Australia and the first solo album under this band was “The Battle of the Blue and the Grey” way back in 1963. The Gibb brothers travelled to England to pursue a career in music and released their first British number one album “Massachusetts” in the year-1967.


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