Robotic fish – on a hunting spree for sea pollutants

A new robotic technology was unveiled by a team of developers in the form of robotic fish that will help in detecting the pollution in the seas and oceans thereby reducing the detection time from weeks to just a few seconds. The robotic fish is developed by the European scientists in a laboratory and a final test was conducted in the sea at the northern Spanish port of Gijon.

This invention is hoped to make waves in the field of marine biology and oceanography and in reducing the impact of sea pollutants over a period of time. The robotic fish will also prove to be a boon for underwater security, cleaning up of oil spills, and search cum rescue operations in seas, oceans and also monitoring of various activities concerned with marine life.

This robotic fish measures 5 feet long (1.5 meters) and the current price tag is fixed at $31,600 or £ 20,000 each. This robotic fish swims like a real fish and are fitted with electronic and chemical sensors in order to detect underwater pollutants that are leaking from undersea pipelines or ships. These robotic fish can work as a team with good coordination by transmitting their readings back to the shore stations that are located one kilometer away.


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