Obama versus Romney – A personal warfare

President Barack Obama has hit the road with a campaign speech in Ohio on Friday and on  the same day, the government job report showed little growth and unchanged unemployment rate.  The main emphasis of the Obama’s campaign strategy is to talk about the economy only when necessary and spend as much time as possible in unraveling the Romney’s secretive and corporate background. Both Obama and Romney talk of economy but both of them fall on to the respective personal prejudices.

The latest Washington Post – ABC News Poll shows that the voters’ preference was deadlocked at 47%. Obama is considered to be more likeable than Romney that consists of 63-27 per cent. Obama has ten point lead when people were asked who better understands the economic problems the people are having. The utmost challenge for the president remains to turn attention away from the negative publicity that he is receiving on his performance and the way for this is to dig the history of Romney which President Obama actually admitted in his election campaign.

While President Obama is scrutinizing the Romney’s past, Romney on the other hand has aimed his criticism not at Obama’s personal background but rather on the economy over the past three years. The Republican National Committee has retaliated Obama’s attack on Romney with a graphic representation that showed a drop in the number of jobs added each month since January along with the quotes from the news reports checking the accuracy of Obama’s claims.

Romney slams Obama!

U.S presidential primary, Mitt Romney has slammed Obama at the Hispanic Conference in Orlando. However, speaking to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Romney took a softer take on the immigration law than he did during the GOP primary.

He had previously taken a hard stand on the topic but on Thursday in front of the influential group of Hispanics, the Republican hopeful took the middle path. He called for highly skilled college graduates and military personnel and protection to families who are stuck due to the current immigration law. He also called for a tighter border security with the use of a high-tech fence. He is trying his best to attract the crucial and growing Hispanic voting force and has slammed Obama’s failed effort to tackle the comprehensive immigration reform. In the speech he has not responded to Obama’s announcement last week that he will block the deportation of young illegal immigrants and grant them work permits nor has he addressed the most troublesome immigration problem of more than 11 million undocumented residents already living in the U.S. Earlier he had said that he would veto the Dream Act which would provide citizenship to some of the illegal immigrants who arrived in the country as minors. According to him the undocumented immigrants should ‘self-deport’. Romney focused all his effort on the economy and was trying to dodge the immigration issue as he does not want to alienate the conservatives. However, his balancing act at the conference is an effort to broaden his appeal. On Thursday, keeping in mind the difficulty of the immigration issue he was under pressure to say something on the issue and he offered a lengthy policy outline being sure to leave out the specifics. However, it’s highly unlikely that he changed many minds at the conference where he was greeted with a tepid applause. State Rep. Darren Soto, D-Orlando said, “You’ve got to look at the last year. Would he be saying these same things in Iowa to a bunch of white faces? No, he wouldn’t, you can’t go from a year’s worth of anti-immigration bashing to an about face here and expect everybody to believe you”.

Romney Winning the Facebook Battle

The U.S Presidential poll is fast approaching and the race to the White House is heating up. If you thought Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were taking on each other in the real world, they seem to have taken the battle virtual as well. The online battle between the two is certainly keeping everyone interested. Recent numbers published have shown that Romney’s popularity on Facebook is surging, while his competitor’s popularity, well, is not dipping but definitely slowing down.

Figures published by Facebook indicate that the Republican nominee, Romney added over 71,000 fans in the week between June 11 and 17 – that officially make it the best week for him in a while. President Obama wasn’t far behind either, in fact, with 77,000 new fans he added more fans than Romney, but his numbers point to a decline in the last few weeks. The Democrat has only seen an increase of 1.7% over the last month, whereas his rival Romney saw an increase of 10.8% – quite a gulf isn’t it? On the other hand, Romney still has a long way to go till he reaches 27 million fans that Obama has – but it would be unfair to make the comparison because fans of Obama have been accumulated for the last 5 years since his election.

In what makes for strange reading, the numbers for Twitter were completely different and told us a different story. Between Monday and Tuesday, President Obama added more than 36,000 followers, while Romney added a paltry 2000.

The race to the White House just got hotter

The pace of the race to the White House seemed to pick up in the last few days. Romney and Obama’s campaigners are no longer playing nice. It’s all secret trips and pointing fingers now. On Thursday, Obama’s chief strategist decided to take on Romney’s home turf. In Boston, he blasted Romney’s record as the governor of Massachusetts.

Romney is not one to take that quietly. In just a few hours time, he took a secret little trip to California to bring a little glitch of the Obama’s administration in to light. He went to Solyndra, the solar panel company that went bankrupt under Obama’s administration.

Axelrod’s speech in Boston did not go as well as he might have hoped. Romney’s supporters chanted along and interrupted the appearance. Romney, learning from the experience kept his little trip a secret from his own campaign reporters too.

While Axelrod discussed how Romney’s four years as governor hurt the middle class more than anybody, Romney went all out and said Obama has failed to understand how the free-market economy works. Romney dint spare Obama’s leadership either when he said his competitor has poor economic leadership. Romney claims that the experience he has had running a real life business makes him more qualified to run the country’s economy.

Santorum Needs a Miracle to Catch Romney

As results of the Illinois primary trickled in, many believed it was the end of the road for Rick Santorum and the Republican Primary nomination contest.     In another jolt to an already sagging campaign came the endorsement of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to Romney. So it looks like Santorum needs to turnaround his campaign with some quick fire wins, which looks highly unlikely, but never says never in Politics.

Romney’s win in Illinois almost doubled the lead in delegates over Santorum. The battleground shifts to Louisiana on Saturday and then to Wisconsin in April, Santorum needs to win big in both these states to stay alive in the contest. If he fails to do so, he will have buckle under the pressure and harbor his support to get behind Romney in the run up to the November 6 Presidential election.

Another wild theory doing the rounds is Santorum hoping to win enough to make sure that Romney does not win the nomination by the end of June, when state contests end. He believes he can then go to the August convention in Tampa, Florida, where a lot of conservatives are expected to turn up and tip Romney to the post.

Strategic Oil Reserves (SPR) could change the way Presidential elections are expected to proceed

Obama’s approval rating has hit an all-time low and according to sources the expectation is that Republicans will replace the Democrats in the White House post November as Romney continues gain pace and votes in a neck to neck battle with Santorum in one state after another in the primaries that will eventually decide the next presidential hopeful. The situation is turning more against Obama with regards to his re-election because of the rising oil prices which although unaffected by inflation are causing a lot of inconvenience to the poorest of Americans. Obama’s inability in handling the situation is ironic when contrasted with the approval and confidence he had received from the public when he replaced Bush. While Obama has yet followed in his predecessors footsteps, the need of the hour before November this year is to abate the rising prices if Democrats hope to have any chance at getting reelected.

In hope of this, some Democrat lawmakers are gathering the support of Congressmen to persuade Obama to allow the SPR to be used which would abate the much worrisome oil prices. With the recent announcement and subsequent roll back of a strategic agreement regarding oil reserves caused a successive fall and rise in oil prices exhibiting the volatility and sensitivity of the prices with change in political strategic choices. Realizing this market sensitivity which also has the ability to tap into the public opinion, Democrats are doing all they can to turn the tables in their favor.

Romney and Santorum to battle in Illinois

Illinois is the best chance Romney has to fend off his rival Santorum. Though a poll last week gave Romney a lead over Santorum, this might more difficult that he thinks. The poll just gave Romney a narrow lead of 35 percent to Santorum’s 31 percent. Both men have been adding last minute campaign events. Romney is said to be pumping more money in to his campaign in addition to sending an ally, Chris Christie to spread a good word for him.

Senior Republicans aren’t too happy about the speed with which Romney is putting Santorum away as August is fast approaching. In late August, Republicans will gather in Tampa, Florida to choose their presidential candidate.  All Romney had to say on the topic was “Look, we’re not going to go to a brokered convention. One or the other of us among the three or four that are running is going to get the delegates necessary to become the nominee.”

The Republicans are battling to get the 1,144 delegates needed for the party’s presidential nomination in the 2012 election. Romney is keen on adding as many delegates as he can and there are 69 delegates at stake in Illinois.  While Romney has 498 delegates from all over the nation, his fellow republicans aren’t doing as well as him. According to some reports, Santorum has managed 239 so far while Gingrich reported a 139 and Ron Paul has 69.

Rocky Road Ahead for Gingrich as Romney and Santorum March Ahead

The day after the Republican Primary Contests in Alabama and Mississippi in which Newt Gingrich finished second, the calls for him to step down only grew louder. He is still sticking to his guns and not budging, he says he will continue to be part of the contest.

In spite of him campaigning with all vigour and passion in Illinois, where the primary will unfold on Tuesday, Republicans have resigned to the fact that from now on this will be a two horse race between Romney and Santorum.

As it has been insisted over and over again, supporters of Rick Santorum believe that if Gingrich steps down from the race, it will help put all conservative votes behind one leader, who can take on Romney. In spite of Gingrich having only a vote share of 10 to 15 percent, people firmly believe the whole vote share would add to Santorum’s conservative vote bank. Having said that, it is still unclear if Gingrich supporters would back Santorum in the event of Gingrich stepping down. The man who is smiling at the moment is Mitt Romney, his lead at the top keeps growing while his conservative rivals sweat it out.


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