Samsung gets relief by a court order to sell Galaxy Tab in U.S

The electronic giant Samsung Electronics Ltd got a relief from the temporary sales ban against its Galaxy tab 10.1 models through a U.S. court order. The court order is a big relief to Samsung in the wake of the patent dispute with Apple Incorporation that led to banning the Galaxy Tab to be sold in the United States. Lifting the ban may help Samsung to enhance its revenues by selling the product in the United States during this holiday shopping season. The past injunction was the result of a month long trail involving a legal battle by the iPhone maker Apple against Samsung with a resounding victory for Apple on many of its patent violation claims.

Samsung has also filed a separate motion against Apple saying that the iPhone 5 had infringed on some of the company’s patents. To capture the global markets, these two companies locked themselves in patent disputes in at least ten countries. The domination for the market between these two giants began when Apple sued Samsung in multiple countries on which Samsung led a counter suit petitions.

Apple won the first round of legal battle when an injunction order was placed on the Galaxy tablet for violating the patent rights of Apple. The month long legal battle that ensued in the month of August has been watched by the global business conglomerates with a bit of excitement and empathy. At this trial, Apple was also awarded more than $1 billion in damages to be paid by Samsung.

Google gets Motorola to defend its position against rival Apple

In a substantial bid to defend its current position, Google has been working on a number of fronts like launching a social networking platform, revamping its privacy policy, revamping its web persona and now the unparalleled and yet unrivalled search giant has acquired several patents from Motorola as a strategic move to strengthen the Android phone market. It is expected that new models of Motorola will now bear the Android version that will be seen as Google’s expansion into the mobile sphere that is currently dominated by smart phones from Apple, Blackberry, Samsung and the recently launched Lumia series from Nokia.

With an initial profile of a mere search engine, Google has delivered immense value to internet users through its thoughtful email platform and the recently launched social networking facet for its users, Google+. Although the latter hasn’t caught on, Google’s strategy is to enable the Android market by acquiring the mobile giant Motorola to extent the influence of its products over to the mobile users, which is being seen as a highly portent market especially in the Asian and South Asian markets where mobile use and presence has more than quadrupled in the last few years.


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