Sanctuary versus Therapy

Hurt and humiliation comes when oneskirts from curt insinuation.  This stupidity is cruelty that dreams for cream.  Appointed scarecrows willed the print of a disjointed pharaohs’ unfilled mission statement.  However, “it is not over until the fat lady sings” as the plot to discover this chill and tat of this king buds in my letter.The wow and selection of celebrity apprenticeship is a now detection and brevity’s chip.  A shut down ofludic discourse pauses a nut, only to resound and lick this force that causes contemporary insanity.  Interrogation to disband this key is the prize for the land of the free and the demise of heresy.  Deformed therapists are disasters, informed sadists and pranksters.  The sole purpose is to outwitclients, a mole in mirthless riots.As intellectual adlibs hold for chronic ailment, litigation is essential for this untold and demonic situation.

Blame is given to the lord of the incision and his frame to imprison a discord’s decision.   Brutal and raw is therapeutic law.  Conniving to inspire trivia is overlooked in this thriving empire and its crooked encyclopedia.  Open-ended questions sin in broken and offended sessions.  This advice is a natural vice and fanatical exorcism.  Blushing falsehoods’ within psychology are buttering for the crude monopoly of BMI.  Clinicalmotivationto becomea messiah is now the cynical excommunication of a bum pariah: MACHIAVELLI.


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