Are You Scared?

Fear is an interesting trait that all of us exhibit sooner or later.  When people are scared, they experience a very unique feeling that compels them to shudder and cower away from the evil element.  What I mean is that there are a plethora of fearful things that haunt us during the day or during our dreams.  Fear and danger cause an adrenaline rush and enacts the fight or flight response.  There are those that run away when they are scared and then there are people that face danger head on and show courage to battle whatever demons exist within their soul.

The entertainment industry has always capitalized on making movies based upon fear, or more specifically death.  Movies such as Saw IV have been created to evoke a heavy amount of terror for the audience.  Watching scary movies has always been an age-old tradition for adults where they jump up out of their seats because they are absorbed in the film.  It is interesting to see that even though moviegoers know that the gory sights and sounds are not real, the movie nonetheless seeps into his or her imagination and strikes with a bang.    


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