Memorable holidays – Learn to scuba dive

Everyone enjoys going on holiday, whether it’s with friends, family or even just getting away somewhere on your own.  Often it’s a time for people to relax by the pool, or to explore different areas and cultures – why not take something extra away from your next holiday and learn to scuba dive?  Many people often have a go at snorkelling when at a beach holiday, why not take the next step and discover the fantastic opportunities and experiences delving further beneath the ocean can offer you.

Learning to scuba dive is a great thing to do as it opens up spectacular sights you’d never normally witness.  One of the greatest pleasures is the feeling of floating through the vast open water, with nothing but your diving buddy and a huge array of sea life for company.  You get to see many wonderfully coloured species of marine life, coral and other fauna – depending on your location you might get to check out crashed boats, planes and many other historical relics.

Getting into diving

In order to scuba dive you will need to undertake some training to show that you are proficient.  The most well-known diving organisation is the Profession Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).  If you want to be able to dive you need to gain the Open Water Diver certificate, which is usually undertaken over 3 to 5 days and is a great way to get to grip with the sport and get a real taste for diving.  Of course you don’t have to stop there – they offer a wide variety of more specialist courses once you’ve completed the Open Water Diver course.


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