Are we missing out on goodness of seafood because we are too scared?

Recently, there was an article published in a famous daily that Americans are no longer eating as much seafood as they should. The reason attributed to this is that, various health groups and environmental groups are overstating the risks of biting in to seafood.

It is widely known and accepted that seafood is very healthy and it has nutrients that will enrich our system. But, there are also fast spreading concerns about the risks of eating seafood. The other issue with seafood is that the one of sustainability.

Americans are not eating enough seafood. Not because they want to maintain the ecosystem but mainly because of all the information that is going around that tells people about mercury poisoning etc. A specialist says “Every American doesn’t need to worry about mercury every time they buy fish. If you’re one of those people who eats fish once in a while, this is not something to obsess about. But if you eat fish three, four, or five times a week, then give some thought to the kinds of fish you’re eating.”


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