Banish Three Common Misconceptions about Book Publishing

Many writers, who are new to writing a book, live under the illusion that all they need to be famous as an author is writing a highly thought-provoking novel or an emotional rollercoaster or mimic other famous authors and then publish it.  As an author, it may be easy for you to imagine things in your smart yet quirky mind, but it’s a completely different scenario in the real world. The popular book authors of the world haven’t become successful this way. They have put their brains and hard work into writing each and every creation of theirs and an equal amount of effort into publishing and promoting them.

Convincing a publisher to publish your book is actually very difficult. Very few writers have a way with large publishers. If you are new to the book publishing industry, you might be having some really wrong notions about what works are easily published and what are not. So, before trying to get your work published, banish some of these false beliefs pervading the book industry.

Publishing a book will shoot you to immediate fame. If you thought this is true, wake up. When there are lots of writers publishing their book every year, you stand a chance to succeed only if your book passes certain standards required by the industry. Though there is no one rulebook to be followed for writing a good book, you must make sure the quality of your work is good, your writing makes sense and the topic on what you write is equally appealing to the masses you are targeting your book at.


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