Cancer Risk imminent for those with sleeping disorders

Sleep apnea is now found to be having a direct link with cancer as per the two studies that has been conducted by researchers at Spain and a second study on about 1500 government workers at Wisconsin. These two studies have for the first time brought out a solid association of sleep apnea with an increased risk of cancer mortality.

Sleep apnea is a disorder that afflicts about 28 million Americans in one form or the other and in some cases it is undiagnosed. Sleep apnea in a simple medical term is a common disorder that causes fatigue, snoring and pauses in breathing that may be dangerous. The other name for sleep apnea is Sleep Disordered Breathing or SDB.

The research team headed by Dr. F. Javier Nieto, who is one of the study authors and chairman of the department of population health sciences at University of Wisconsin has conducted this study with Ramon Farre’ PhD, professor of Physiology- Unit of Biophysics and Bioengineering at University of Barcelona, Spain. The study that had been carried out by researchers in Spain, examined thousands of patients at sleep clinics and found that those having severe forms of sleep apnea or SDB had about sixty five percent greater risk of developing cancer of any kind.


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