Obama to Elevate Small Business Administration Head into Cabinet

American President Barack Obama announced a new move to promote the head of Small Business Administration into the Cabinet and sought Congress’s help to make it a reality. The move is aimed to free the government of existing bureaucratic burdens and make it’s functioning more efficient.

The announcement is part of a grander scheme to combine SBA with five other Government agencies, which overlap each other in functioning. The merger of these organizations will see a formation of a single entity, thus aiding smoother functioning. The Commerce Department would be one of the six agencies that will be merged. At the current juncture, the President does not need consensus from Congress to elevate the SBA chief, however his proposed merger of trade and business agencies will need the nod from Congress. Such a move will see a major change to the existing federal structure of the country and reduce existing red tape. Wholesale changes to the federal structure have failed to happen since Reagan’s regime.


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