Google not satisfied with social network tag

Google has excelled in provision of varied internet-related services which encompasses internet search, advertising technologies and cloud computing. This company has been offering its services and has also been upgrading the services in different names and forms like Google Friend Connect, Google Buzz and Orkut. The latest is the Google + after its launch on June 28th 2011 and as of June 2012 has become very popular with the people and has attracted 250 million users.

Everything’s fine, until, someone compares the above mentioned figures to that of Facebook’s stats which are truly very high when kept side by side to Google plus’s, and Google plus’s creators object calling it a social network and hence they claim that the comparison made is just baseless. They say that Google + is an upgrade to Google just like the others upgrade their websites and this is Google’s attempt to provide their users with more services and treat them to something they haven’t experienced yet. Google plus’s vice presidents think that Google plus provides those things which the users might be interested in and also have planned of a very unique advertisement strategy. But even with their new strategy the vice president doesn’t deny the fact that they might take some help from sponsored stories also.


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