Stepping into space

The most recent update in man’s quest of reaching out for space is the landing of ‘Dragon’ in the Pacific Ocean from where it is to be recovered shortly. Now most of us have absolutely no knowledge about ‘Dragon’. Dragon is a reusable spacecraft manufactured by a private space transportation company known as SpaceX based in Hawthorne, California. This spacecraft has made history by becoming the world’s first vehicle to have successfully attached to the international space station and this will in the long-term open up new avenues for SpaceX as well as encourage other companies and manufacturers to come up to compete in building such spacecraft’s. There are a lot of companies who are trying to build spacecraft which will facilitate man in transporting cargo into space.These vehicles based on their purpose are being called space taxis.

NASA Hacked into 13 Times Last Year

NASA has admitted to have been hacked into at least 13 times over the last year. In these major security lapses, hackers have gotten information on various critical projects and employee details putting National Security in jeopardy.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration in a recent report “NASA Cyber security: An Examination of the Agency’s Information Security” revealed the disconcerting information. Close to 47 attempts were made by hackers across the world, of which 13 were successful and were major breaches. The agency highlighted an instance where a group of Chinese hackers got into NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). JPL is key part of NASA’s active spaces activities that include missions to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The hackers had full functionality within the system. They could have modified, copied or deleted sensitive files. They also had capability to add or remove user accounts to gain access to critical JPL systems. They could have uploaded high-end malware applications or hacking tools that could keep track of user credentials and compromise NASA’s other functionalities. They were also equally clever enough to modify system logs to conceal their digital footprint.


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