Spidey and MJ’s amazing chemistry!

Just after the five years after Spiderman 3 crawled out of the multiplexes with a jaded looking Tobey Maguire, the reset button has been pressed. With a fresh start, there’s a new Spidey, a new villain and a smarter and more interesting storyline. But here’s what’s amazing about the film apart from the word being in the title is the chemistry between its lead actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

The performances in the film are extraordinary which makes the film worth watching. Starting with the supporting actors, Uncle Ben and Aunt May are played by Martin Sheen and Sally Field. Sheen portrays his character with a fiery righteousness which guides Parker during dark times. Rhys Ifans adds a nuanced edge to his role of a mad scientist Curt Connors and is a terrific Spidey villain. Dennis Leary stiffens his spine as a cop George Stacy who is out to nab the web-slinging vigilante. Andrew Garfield is literally amazing with his acting talent and has portrayed Peter Parker Beautifully. He’s extremely expressive and has capably shown the teen angst of Parker who’s on a learning curve about what he can and should do with his newly acquired powers. His emotions flit across his face like quicksilver and his keen intelligence shone through his acting skills. At par with Garfield’s talent is Emma Stone’s soulful portrayal of Gwen Stacy, the brainy daughter of police captain George Stacy and Peter Parker’s first love. In real-life too the couple has amazing chemistry making the scenes in the film even more engaging. In conclusion the casting for the film is just right.


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