We As Sports Fans Should Just Imagine

As a former sports enthusiast, I grew up idolizing superstar athletes that would amaze me with their talents.  For instance, my eyes would light up when I would sit in front of the idiot box and watch Michael “Air” Jordan fly above his envious completion and dominate the game of basketball.  In Houston, I can vividly recall going to Houston Oilers game with my father and we would both marvel at Warren Moon (QB) go in hard and throw unbelievable passes that would leave both of us in awe.  As a result, I became an ambitious youth who would stop at nothing to attain athletic prowess regardless if it destroyed the development of my character.  I fell into the same trap that Michael Jordan and Warren Moon did.  One was a chronic gambler with Mob affiliation and the other was a wife beater, respectively.  Somewhere along the line on the road to the Hall of Fame, their ego got in the way and basically became demonized by their riches, pride and most importantly, their celebrity status.  America’s sporting communities have the game all messed up giving these so-called “gladiators” unlimited shine.  What about the youth, who have become blinded by their heroes’God-given talents and refuse to condemn what their idols do off the court (or field, rink etc.)?  It is blasphemy!


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