President Obama’s first Press Conference of the year

While the Republicans were busy with Super Tuesday, President Obama held his first press conference of the year. President Obama defended his views on Iran and the standoff with them on their nuclear policy and also talked about mortgage relief for homeowners who served in the military and those with federally insured mortgages.

Addressing the US policy towards Iran President Obama said that the sanctions were having a positive effect and asked the international community as well as lawmakers to allow them some time to work. He felt that it would not be wise to go into war without exhausting diplomatic avenues and negotiations first. Many US lawmakers and all the candidates on the campaign trail for the Republican Presidential nomination have criticized President Obama’s handling of Iran, and Syria, calling it too soft and asking for a military offensive against Iran. President Obama refuted these allegations and said that going to war has serious consequences and is an expensive proposition both in terms of its impact on American soldiers and the American exchequer. He reiterated that the issues in the Middle East are complex and do not have an easy solution, decrying talk of war or of unilateral military action against Syria or Iran, Mr. Obama stressed the that he felt taking such action casually would be a mistake.

Washington is an important stop on the road to Super Tuesday this year

After narrow victories in Arizona and Michigan, Mitt Romney seems to have regained some ground going into Tuesday’s primary in Washington State. Washington’s Republican caucus has 43 delegates at stake and for the first time in many years the race is so tight that all four candidates are taking a real interest in campaigning in the state.

As the voting in Washington is probably the last before Super Tuesday with 10 states and 419 delegates up for grabs, a victory here will add tremendous confidence and momentum in the race for the nomination.  Though just a few weeks ago it appeared that Rick Santorum was cruising to an easy win, with a Public Policy Poll showing him with an impressive 11point lead over Mr. Romney, this has since changed and it now appears that Mr. Romney has a slim lead over Mr.Santorum.


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