The discovery of Suzanne Collins

The name Suzanne Collins does not ring a bell. Not yet, at least. But her latest work is more than just known. Famous for avoiding interviews and quietly penning down children’s shows, Collins is about to have a big year. Suzanne Collins is the author of the books on which the movie Hunger Games is based on. She was born in Connecticut and started writing children’s television shows in 1991. She has written many famous children’s show for Nickelodeon like Oswald, Clarissa Explains it all and The Mystery files of Shelly Woo.

In September 2008, she released the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy. The inspiration for the book is said to be from Thesues and the Minotaur. The author later said the idea for the book struck her when she was watching television and switching between reality television and the Iraq war programs.

The book set in future dystopian North America, where a girl and boy are selected from twelve districts to fight to death. A sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen, to save her sister’s life, competes in her place. The author says “There’s no fantasy element. The violence is not only human on human, it’s kid on kid. I think that automatically moves you into an older range.”


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