Diplomacy seems to be the only option with Syria

The conflict ridden country which has seen continued clashes and civilian as well as military deaths since March last year, hasn’t seen much change rather things on the ground seem gloomier for the people of Syria who are battling not just the agitations within the country but conflicting opinions about the reality of the situation around the world making the end seem farther that they had imagined. While talks and discussions in the west and the middle east after Kofi Annan’s peace plan proposal for Syria was introduced, have gained renewed pace the extent of their impact is essentially a function of the receptiveness of the Assad administration in Syria which is facing increasing international pressure and internal security failure making the entire situation turn against the government which claims to have no part in the blood bath and civil disruptions which were a collective result of masked militia and hysteria created by the opposition as a means of turning the populace against the pro-Iranian government to facilitate American-Israeli interests in the region.

Syria marks anniversary of violence but the real on-ground situation is still unclear

Conflicts are usually played out in two very different places The one that is played on the ground bears its realities on the victims killed on either side while the one that is played out in the media can be even more dangerous on account of the manipulative force it exerts on not just the victims of war but also the ambiguity it casts on the entire situation making the line between the just and unjust simply blur into oblivion. A recent series of video shown by a non-western news channel has clearly indicated that rampant manipulation of news coming out from Syria is a fact and this has increased the anxiety of those who actually are in requirement of an end to this year long conflict, the Syrian citizens.

While mentions of masked men creating havoc in the conflicted city of Homs in Syria have found a mention in the non-western media, American or British news channels are trying to paint a picture that reshapes the actual reality on the ground and making a foreseeable end to the conflict in the form regime change. It is a well-known fact that regime change strategy is a favorite of the CIA for unfavorable governments and only goes to show why there is difference in opinion when Syrian case is contrasted against the Bahraini case. While the situation Bahrain may be ignored and Syrian made a cause of American worry, this cannot be far from the truth as independent reports of masked miscreants have been reported in Syria’s riot-ridden regions and are largely being linked with Sunni Saudi influences, a very loyal American ally in the region, as a covert effort to destabilize the growing Shi’ite stronghold in the Middle East which includes Syria, Lebanon and Iran providing enough support as deemed fit by American and Israeli allies of the Kingdom in order to achieve their means of a regime change in favor of one that is subservient to American interests.

Assad is a tyrant that needs to step down

Lately, atrocities are taking place in various third world countries such as Syria that are deplorable.  Innocent victims are dying at the hands of their tyrannical governments that live on false accords (money, power, terror).  The United Nations peace making deals will never work unless the mentalities of evil dictator’s change and their demonic ways are condemned by their own higher power.  What I mean is it is going to take divine intervention to sway the mind of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad into understanding the demands of his country’s revolutionary endeavor and realize that the days of his rule with an iron first need to end.  I mean, there are snipers in Homs that are shooting innocent people that don’t obey an unfair curfew that is set in place.  Medical supplies are in demand in the Syrian cities that are in wartimes and it is imperative that the United Nations try and solve this situation before more lives are unnecessarily lost.

Incessant Bombing and bloodshed in Syria

Marie ColvinThe bloodshed continues in Syria with incessant shelling on civilian areas by government forces bent on destroying the rebel movement against President Bashar al-Assad, killing two prominent journalists, Marie Colvin from the U.S. and Remi Ochlik from France. This comes less than a week after New York Times correspondent Anthony Shadid died of an apparent asthma attach in northern Syria and well known opposition journalist Rami al-Sayed was killed in Homs.

These most recent deaths occurred when a house in the Baba Amr area of Homs that was being used by journalists was shelled. It is believed that 10 other people were also killed and 3 other journalists injured by the shelling. Ms. Marie Colvin was a reporter for a British publication the Sunday Times and has over 20 years of experience reporting from war torn areas around the world. She is one of the most respected war correspondents who was dedicated and fearless in her quest to bring the atrocities of war to the notice of the larger world. She only grew stronger in her commitment towards reporting from dangerous places after losing one eye to shrapnel during the conflict in Sri Lanka in 2001.

US Embassy shuts its doors in Syria, diplomats called back

In a highly expected move, US Embassy in Syria packed its bags when diplomats were recalled after the State department raised concerns for the safety of its personnel and diplomats citing violent attacks and car bombs. The situation in Syria has been the bone of contention among the media of the world because of the relative contrasts of the seriousness of the situation being presented to the viewers of the world. While the predominant western media has likened the Syrian uprising with the Arab-Spring uprising that occurred against US supported dictatorial regimes in Egypt, Tunisia before spreading to Yemen, Libya and Bahrain, many believe that the situation is due to the anti-negotiation stance assumed by the faceless Syrian opposition which hasn’t had a clear agenda for their demands outlined expect for Bashar al-Assad’s ouster as the ruler. It is to be noted however that the Syrian opposition has had a favorable attitude in terms of extending a hand of friendship towards Israel which has been, until now, seen as a rogue state by majority of Syrians.


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