Assad is a tyrant that needs to step down

Lately, atrocities are taking place in various third world countries such as Syria that are deplorable.  Innocent victims are dying at the hands of their tyrannical governments that live on false accords (money, power, terror).  The United Nations peace making deals will never work unless the mentalities of evil dictator’s change and their demonic ways are condemned by their own higher power.  What I mean is it is going to take divine intervention to sway the mind of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad into understanding the demands of his country’s revolutionary endeavor and realize that the days of his rule with an iron first need to end.  I mean, there are snipers in Homs that are shooting innocent people that don’t obey an unfair curfew that is set in place.  Medical supplies are in demand in the Syrian cities that are in wartimes and it is imperative that the United Nations try and solve this situation before more lives are unnecessarily lost.


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