Eric LeGrand signed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Eric LeGrandThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed a Rutgers defensive tackle this year, nothing special there except that the extraordinary person they have signed is Eric LeGrand who has been paralyzed from the neck down by an injury sustained on the field during a game with ARMY.

Since that fateful game in October 2010 Eric LeGrand has exemplified the finest fighting spirit, working diligently to heal his body as much as he possibly could. A year later a wheel-chair bound Eric led his Rutgers University team onto the field during a snow storm while enthusiastic fans chanted his jersey number. This image was blazed on the covers of Sports Illustrated with readers voting Mr. LeGrands return to the field the 2011 “moment of the year”. When Greg Schiano his head coach at Rutgers moved to the Buccaneers, he signed Eric as a salute to his character.


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