Tattoo Removal

Many people get tattoos thinking at the time it’s a good idea and something they will always want. Of course this isn’t always the case, people grow tired of their tattoos and regret the decision of ever getting one. Whether it be because it is bad art work, it has faded or no longer applies the presence of an unwanted tattoo can be depressing and infuriating. There is however a solution to your unwanted tattoos and that’s through tattoo removal, a painful yet successful procedure.

Due to the depth at which a tattoo is inserted into the skin it can be a difficult and painful procedure to go through. The easiest inks to remove are the traditional blues and blacks, inks however have improved drastically and been modified to last longer and retain colour. This makes it more difficult for the tattoo to be removed however it can still be done.

The general method used for removing a tattoo is through the use of lasers.  The laser shoots short beams of light below the first layer of the skin causing it to be absorbed by the pigment. This in turns breaks down the tattoo into smaller bits which can then be removed by the body’s immune system.  A person who has a healthy immune system will find that it is easier for the ink to be broken down and removed than somebody who has an unhealthy immune system.


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