The stalling of global warming or it just paused

Global warming is said to have paused over the past ten to fifteen years as per the claims of the scientists by studying a series of reports. Ever since the beginning of modern weather reports, the average global temperatures are higher than in the past. The global warming has just ‘paused’ but this is expected and the temperatures will continue to rise. With heat going into the deep ocean that amounts to an equivalent to the power of 150 billion electric kettles may be the prime reason why global warming has paused. The recent solar activity and volcanic eruptions that send particles into the atmosphere that reflect heat have also contributed to slowing in temperature rises in addition of natural climate variations.

The average rate of global warming is just 0.04C per decade between 1998 and 2012 compared with 0.17C per decade from 19700-1988. The recent measurements of deep ocean temperatures do indicate that heat is being absorbed at lower levels that the researchers opine may be due to a period of more circulation within the ocean, taking heat into the deep where it is hidden from the view. Professor Rowan Sutton of Reading University explains that computer simulations or models of future climate scenarios often show periods of ten years with no warming trends and some even showing pauses of 20-25 years. Dr. Peter Stott of the Met Office opined that out of 12 of the 14 warmest years that had taken place since the year 2000 resulted in decline of Arctic sea ice of 12.9% per decade and losses of snow cover over glaciers point to a process of manmade global warming.


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