Popular iPhone game “Temple Run” set to get adapted for comics

The Temple Run, the hit mobile video game has broken new grounds by getting into new type of media that now include the comic books and graphic novels. The Temple Run is now to be adapted for comics by ace publisher Ape Entertainment that has already produced comics for games such as “Pocket God” and “Cut the Rope”. The publisher announced that it has secured the licensing deals to adapt Imangi Studios – Temple Run and The Game Bakers’ –Squids mobile titles into their own comic book series.

The Temple Run series will be released in print and digital, providing background information on the Imangi’s popular mobile game character and settings. The comic series will dig up the back story of the game’s character and the ancient temples that the game indulges in. The comics’ digital and print versions are expected to be released in the coming months in addition to the stand alone Temple Run comics’ app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

The Temple Run was released in August 2011 and has topped with ninety million downloads and is available with Apple App and Google Play Stores. Ape Entertainment has already got experience with this sort of adaptations having brought the “Cut the Rope” and “Pocket God” in the comics’ format over the past two years.

The Temple Run is the brain child of Keith Shepherd who co-founded the Washington-DC based Imangi Studios with his wife Natalia Luckyanova and artist Kiril Tchangov. The trio created the game “Temple Run” after their 2010 iPhone game “Max Adventure” did not do well as per their expectations even though the game received some good critical acclaim but it just never received well. The “Temple Run” their next game gained popularity with huge number of users and players wanting to play the game in their Android phones.


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