The Fundamental Root of Terrorism

As an American, my first bitter taste of what true evil was watching the twin towers being bombed on 9/11.  Who was truly behind it?  Why didn’t the government prevent it?  So many thoughts were swarming through my brain.  Terrorism has existed since the beginning of time but it really hit home when it was my own fellow citizens being the innocent victims.  The thing is that religion is the one thing that is tricking good people that want to identify with God more than anything else in the world into doing wicked things.  They actually think they are defending the heavenly father’s honor and are trying to win his respect as well as win their ticket to their own stupid versions of heaven.  Little do they know that their acts of carnage will eventually leave them forsaken and in a very cold world.

If religion didn’t exist think how free we could be!  It restricts us from using common sense and revolutionary rationale.  Chilling as it might sound, it was a crazy man that needed medicine who wrote the scriptures.  Something happens as we reach adult hood and start developing enemies and a lust for an ego.  We become obsessed with having almighty stronghold that we can latch on to.  Yes there are beautiful passages in all the scriptures but what if it was all just one big scheme to make them submit to someone who only cares about mind control and the snatching of the human spirit.  One someone sells their soul to a simple passage; they are inhibited from creating their own mastery of what the universetruly wants for them.


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