A Trip to Heaven

After seeing multitudinous scientists of various countries trying to develop technologies and build spacecraft which will attach to the space stations circling the earth’s orbit, it’s time now to witness a more historical mission of the People’s Republic of China attempting to make a manned spacecraft to attach to the Tiangong 1, a space lab which has been in the orbit from September last year. Scientists around the world have been relentlessly trying to make space crafts which will be capable of making it into the earth’s orbit and also attach to space stations. All these efforts are being made with the purpose of transporting man and cargo into the earth’s orbit. These space labs serve as important centers for carrying out experiments on biology, human biology, astronomy, and meteorology and spacecraft systems in order to develop technologies which will help man in occupying space permanently.

The spacecraft which is to be used by Chinese in this space rendezvous with the Tiangong 1 is the Shenzhou 9.The Shenzhou 9 is schedule to take to space along with a launch rocket in the middle of June. It is currently being kept in Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre where it had arrived on April 9, 2012 and its attachment the launch rocket arrived on May 9, 2012 a little later. The Shenzhou 9 is the second spacecraft to dock with the Tiangong 1 but it is the first manned spacecraft to dock with this Chinese spacelab. The major object of this mission is to dock with Tiangong 1.


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