Flying a trauma patient on a helicopter might increase survival chances

A recent study revealed that the chances of survival of a person seriously injured increases if they are flown to the trauma center on a helicopter instead of an ambulance. Though there are no concrete explanations, speculations point to two things, how fast the people are transported and the medical team on the helicopter.

Specialists say, it’s probably the combination of both the things and that it could be not one specific thing. For the study, 900 severely injured trauma patients were researched. Among these patients, car crash victims were the most common. The research material included 62,000 teens and adults who were flown to the trauma center by the chopper and 162,000 who were driven in an ambulance.

After intensive research, it was found that chances of survival were linked to the mode of transport. The researchers say that the chances increased by somewhere in the region of one percent to two percent. However, the researched did not have the information of how far away these people were from the hospital when they were injured and what kind of treatment they received when they were on the chopper or ambulance.


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