Six Signs You’re a Terrible Driver

Each of us has that friend or family member who should have never been given their driver’s permit. Their habits on the road have engrained fear deep within the hearts of countless brave people who were able to muster the courage, or ignorance, that enabled them to ride in the passenger seat. If you do not know what I am talking about, then there is a chance that this driver may be you. The following are six signs you are a terrible driver.

Excessive Horns

The occasional honk while on the road from other drivers is expected. However, if it becomes a symphony every time you hit the road, then maybe you are doing something wrong. If you don’t know if people are honking at you because your radio is playing too loud, then you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Amazing Lifestyle: Five Exciting Things You Should Add To Your Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is truly one of the keys to building an amazing lifestyle for yourself. Having a list will help you visualize the tasks you want to do. Of course, making the list is your first step. For some, the tasks will come easy. For others, a little inspiration is necessary.

Visit a New Country

Visiting unfamiliar territory can be exhilarating. Set your sights on a location you have had your sights on but never found the time to visit. Cambodia, Chile and France are great options. If leaving the country isn’t an option for you, consider making it your plan to visit all 50 states.

Exploring Edinburgh – Some Must Do’s Along The Way

Everyone should visit Scotland at one point in their lives. Although its rolling hills and breath-taking views are often compared to that of rural New Zealand, it really is a country really like no other. Scotland offers it all. Whether you are a city slicker wanting to experience some of the world’s best cities, or a county bumpkin wanting to relax amongst tranquil peaceful settings, you can experience both these things in Scotland.

If the the hustle and bustle of city life is for you, here are some of the amazing things to see and do in Edinburgh:

  • Spend some time in the Lothians and visit the National Museum of Flight. Four hangars have aircraft that detail the history of aviation with both military and civilian craft.
  • Visit Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots. The chapel, fountains and wildlife- rich lowlands and loch make it a spectacular place.
  • Hopetoun House has remained virtually unchanged in over three centuries, and was built in the 1600′s. For architecture enthusiasts, the experience is impossible to pass by.
  • Tour the House of the Binns, occupied by the same family since 1612. Two hundred acres and a collection of furniture spanning four centuries is well worth seeing. 
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More Americans on travelling spree are hitting the road for holidays

The summer travel season is heating up with more and more Americans travelling by road in their cars with stable gas prices. The U.S airline industry is expecting a decline in the holiday travelers by air as more Americans prefer to travel by road.

A U.S. airline industry’s trade group is forecasting about 43.3 million travelers during these twenty one days surrounding the Christmas and New Years Eve. This amounts to one percent drop from the same period last year. Independent studies do suggest that the gap maybe even greater among leisure travelers.

For instance during the Memorial Day holiday about 30.7 million Americans drove to their destinations while only 2.5 million flew according to a DK Shifflet and Associates survey that conducts road studies for American Automobile Association or AAA. During Christmas and New Years holiday about 83.5 million drove by road and just 5.4 million went to their destinations by plane.

The road trip is expected to cost more than a year ago with gas prices that rose during the winter and early spring in 2012 to about $4 a gallon. Travel industry observers expected that the normal summer price rise hike would scare the consumers away from long drive trips but the gas price hike did not happen and therefore Americans are not worried about the consequences of price hike in July and August. It is estimated that only 17 percent are holding off their travel plans and are waiting to see whether the gas prices would come down or not, while the rest have made their plans of hitting the roads.

Solo Travel: Adventures on the Worlds Highest Railway

Travelling solo is probably one of the most daring things that one can attempt in their life. Essentially, travelling solo is touring of an alien and far-off land, the cultures, traditions and language of which you are not fully or comprehensively aware of. When a person travels alone without any companions from the beginning of his/her journey, the task of controlling oneself through bouts of bewilderment and alienation in an unknown country can be daunting. Nevertheless, the trend in travelling magazines and travelogues seems to be supporting the notion that solo travel is indeed the route to self discovery and  an adventure that beings you close to understand what you are made of.


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