Entire village of Tuscan up for sale on eBay

The 800 years old Pratariccia – a medieval village perched on the hilltops above the Tuscany’s Casentino Valley has been put on sale on eBay for a price of 2.5 million Euro or about $3.1 million. This beautiful village is located 22 miles east of Florence in Italy and is nestled among oak trees at 850 meters altitude with the panoramic view of the Casentino Valley. The village of Pratariccia has been uninhabited and is one of the hundreds of abandoned and semi-abandoned hilltop villages in the stunning locations of Italy that have been now became an attractive business options for real estate developers.

Now the owners of this remote village who are reportedly a religious order are seeking to cash in with an online sale. Earlier they had tried to sell this village through other agencies but failed to get the buyers for this price. The price tag of €2.5 million may seem a little expensive for most of the holiday home buyers but the deal comes with an offer of 25 cottages and nearly 20 acres of land. The village of Pratariccia remains abandoned since 1960’s as most of youngsters moving out in search of better opportunities and time taking its toll on elderly. Now this village resembles a ghost town with its traditional Tuscan stone homes lying in dilapidated condition and at worst on the verge of collapse.


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