Rising gasoline prices in US

The gas prices in America are soaring to scary heights.  People feel the dwindling money pinch when they are at the pumps and it seems as the right thing to do for the US government would be to start domestic drilling but then there are the global warming debates and environmental struggle.  Not to mention but it is newsworthy that if oil drilling commenced in America, what would be created is the number one priority on the minds of voters: US jobs.  The creation of a workforce that surges and flourishes is a dream worth something in the United States.  Anything that can contribute to the count is a plus.

The soap opera is not necessary even though that is what is taking place between the republicans and democrats.  Although a democrat at heart, I am with the GOP on this one.  We need to become energy independent to counter the rising gasoline prices in US and even though we have taken other avenues to this destination, this is but another contributor to our means of this mission.

The struggle in the Middle East does not make out our gas troubles any easier of solving in terms of price reduction.  The prices have hit the four dollar a mark and above.  The national average is at $3.80.


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