Santorum Wins Alabama and Mississippi

The much awaited Southern state Republican Primary results are here and we have a winner. Rick Santorum has scored crucial victories in the Southern states of Alabama and Mississippi, which elevates him to the position as the leading conservative candidate for the US Presidential nomination.

A poll released on Monday put Romney slightly ahead of its rivals Santorum and Gingrich, however as the poll suggested there was an error margin of around +/- 4 percent, which seems to have made the difference. With 96 percent of the ballots counted in the Mississippi primary, Santorum had garnered 33 percent of the votes while his conservative rival Gingrich finished second with 31 percent closely followed by Romney with 30 percent.

In Alabama, the margin of victory was a lot more comfortable for Santorum as he finished with 35 percent of the vote. Gingrich came second with 30 percent and Romney third with 28 percent.


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