Keeping your saneness intact when travelling with friends

Vacationing with friends does not sound too stressful but it can be miserable if the travel plans are not executed in a proper manner. It has been observed that travelling plans may go awry by nagging friends, companions who often complain, and even noisy family members. The following steps will help in avoiding pitfalls of going insane when travelling with friends and these are:

  • Choosing travel partners or friends carefully- It is very important to choose your company of friends wisely and make sure that you are compatible with the friends with whom you are planning to travel and that you have similar interests and tastes. It is important to discuss your travel plans with each other. Traveling with like minded friends and achieving a right balance is an important part of picking friends with whom to travel with as per the views expressed by Meryl Pearlstein – a veteran travel blogger.
  • Do decide on budget- The most important reason for tensions among friends while travelling is money. It does not matter if you and your friends are in the same tax bracket and it also does not mean that your friends would also like to spend money on travel the same way as you are thinking.  Some people who can afford five star accommodations may think that it is waste of money as they are only going to sleep there, whilst for others their stay is a part of travel experience that they are looking forward to the most.   It is also important to bear in mind to have a clear decision about who will be paying for what. Things to budget for include groceries, parking garages, cleaning supplies, resort fees, park admissions, event tickets, eating out etc.


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