Venezuelan tribe unhappy with ‘sacred stone’ in Berlin park

Wolfgang von Schwarzenfeld – the famous German sculptor had World peace in mind, when he sculpted a pink stone, which is currently in a Berlin park. However, a Venezuelan tribe doesn’t seem to quite share the same feeling, accusing him of stealing a sacred pink stone that they refer to as ‘Grandmother’.

The Venezuelan government is backing the Pemon Indians of the “Gran Sabana” by asking the German government to return the polished stone.

With Caracas calling it robbery, and the sculptor arguing that the stone was a legal gift, the monolith is emitting more negative energy than its esoteric fans in Berlin are used to.

Blissfully unaware of the diplomatic tug-of-war, Robert, a Berlin gardener, got off his bicycle to light joss sticks among the stones from five continents that form the “Global Stone Project”, awaiting friends for an afternoon shamanic ritual. But newly arrived Venezuelan tourists Grecia Melendez and Juan Carlos Brozoski knew all about the war of the stone and suspected there were political motives behind the protests.


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