Kat Perry’s revelations of her life through a new documentary

Kat Perry the American Singer, Songwriter and Actress showed a major transformation that is going in her life through a documentary titled: “Kate Perry”: Part of Me” in 3D that depicts the struggles she had undergone to keep her marriage going with comedian Russell Brand. She further added that her music could take to a darker turn following her split from Russell Brand. Russell Brand filed for divorce from Kat Perry last year after fourteen months of marriage.

The movie depicts the historical record of the singer’s first world tour in 2011 but as the movie moves on, it shows the demise of her marriage to Brand whom she wed in the month of December 2011 and then got divorced in February. The film showcases in its early part how Brand happily visits Perry backstage and then picks her up in his car. The later part of the film shows how Russell disappears from the story and Perry begins to have emotional breakdowns and fits of crying while her team of handlers seems helpless.

Through this film, Perry wants her fans to see how her life has all the facets of good and bad periods and would like to remind her fans that in order to be a successful model, they do not need to be flawless. She then adds on that she never expected that she would be hitting a personal low and simultaneously reaching a professional high. In this movie, she actually wanted to document about the big events that are going to happen in her career, but had no idea that her marriage would crumble in this process.


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