Oprah talks to Whitney Houston’s daughter for the first time since the singer’s death

This Sunday, America will witness one of the most sought after interviews of the year. Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of late Whitney Houston has sat down with none other than Oprah Winfrey herself for a little chat.

This interview will be featured on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Bobbi Kristina, the child of Whitney Houston and Booby Brown will speak on television for the first time since her mother’s tragic death.

Whitney Houston, the queen of pop passed away less than a month ago. On the eve of music industry’s biggest night, she was found dead. On February 11th a group of people unsuccessfully tried to revive her in the hotel where she was found. Though her cause of death is still not confirmed, the general speculation is that she died of drug overdose. Sources say that she took a mixture of pills and alcohol before her death and this could have been the cause of her death. The coroner has asked her personal doctor for some of her reports to take the investigation further. She left behind a legacy of 11 number one hits and 55 million album sales.

The 18 year old Bobbi Kristina Brown will appear on television with one of her mother’s best friends. Oprah who was a close friend of Houston will interview the teenager and finally let the world know how she is feeling.

Whitney Houston’s Death Sparks of the Addiction Debate Again

We’ve been through this before and it does not end here either. Whitney Houston joined a long list of celebrities that have fallen victim to substance abuse. Her tragic death has once again raised questions about the nexus between Hollywood, drugs and Alcohol and more specifically what is means to America as a society.

Heath ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse are just a few names of celebrities who died recently because of problems relating to narcotics. The stories of their death are even more painful considering the timing of their deaths. Heath Ledger had the world at his feet, having reprised the role of the Joker in “The Dark Knight” and just when people were looking forward to this exciting young actor, came the shocking news of his demise. He even went on to win the Oscar for the ‘best supporting actor’ after his death. The case of Michael Jackson is also equally heart wrenching. All plans were in place for his concert to take place and he was through with a majority of his rehearsals as well. The worlds lined up to buy tickets to his concert and were waiting to be enthralled by the King of Pop when the unimaginable happened. The shady story behind his death has made his case even murkier.


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